Having looked at SO many catwalk shots recently, actually over the last couple of years, you can imagine my sigh of relief when my favourite illustrator EVER, Jacks Club, sketched these three looks exclusively for The Very Simon G.

Although in fashion terms we are now in autumn/winter 2011 mode, in reality we are preparing for spring/summer (even though it’s started raining in London today again!). I forgot just how amazing some of the collections were for this spring/summer, and Jacks demonstrates just how gorgeous they can look!

Jacks will hopefully sketch a few more for me, and I can’t wait to see her interpretation for some of autumn/winter’s creations, but in the mean time you could check out some more of her work on her website.

*Pretty in pink – bows from Marc Jacobs*

*Slightly darker side of McQueen*

*And my favourite, Joan Collins glamour from Holly Fulton*

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