*Reid Peppard’s taxidermal (apparently that’s the adjective!) accessories. Not that I like them, they just caught my eye for being… well… a bit wrong and weird. So she has a full taxidermy license, graduated from Central Saint Martins and is a vegan. All the animals she uses are roadkill victims, picked up from friends. Her next collection is going to be friend’s pets apparently! Bit of a story, huh? Plus she has her own jewellery range with gold and silver animal skulls and teeth! Hmmm*

A squirrel purse anyone?

A crow clutch?

*The Rodnik Band’s sequined pop art couture… check out the urinal dress!*

*Noticed LOADS of fabric on fabric, different textures and colours. Rubber on silk, foam on leather, plastic on cotton and leather and sheer. Really interesting*

*Just to let you know, this pic is meant to be blurred, I was instructed it had to be! The new collaboration with Kipling and… JC de Castelbajac!! One of my favourite designers and a great bag brand! Looking forward to that one*

*Horace’s banana prints made me smile, although maybe a season too late? But something nice and bright to look forward to in the darker months. His pieces are unisex, and just as well coz I think I want the lot! Banana print jeans, too much? Also a big fan of anything oversized, so thumbs up from me! (stocked at ASOS.com and Beyond the Valley)

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