…one of those Mary Katrantzou dresses! I hate to sound ignorant, but I don’t really know who Li Bing Bing is, I know she’s an actress, but couldn’t name one film, and I now know she’s NOT related to Fan Bing Bing. What I DO know is that Li looked AMAZING at the Shanghai Film Festival last week in the ‘Dorchester’ dress.

I couldn’t stop gushing about Mary Katrantzou’s spring summer collection, in fact any collection she’s put her hand to. She pushes all boundaries when it comes to print, detail and design.

It’s so nice to see a ‘celeb’ (inverted commas because I have no idea who she is, sorry Li) in one of Mary’s creations. Up until now I only thought they looked good gliding down a catwalk. Now I know they look equally amazing on a red carpet. I only wish more celebs, A-listers, would don a Mary dress. The world, and the rags, would be a much more colourful place!

***On the catwalk***

***To buy, WAS £2125 NOW £1488 from thecorner.com***

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