I vowed to both Kobi Levi and you, lovely reader, to always blog about any new fabulous pieces of footwear that he puts his hands to (that sounds weird, right?). So here I am, blogging about some more genius shoes by the Israeli designer!

This time Kobi is showing us, in no certain terms, that he likes a cuppa coffee. These two pairs are, indeed, named ‘Coffee?’. The white pair are the porcelain version and the black pair are the diner version, both made from the finest leather.

You may think you have no occasion to wear such an inventive, unique pair of shoes. But fear not. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson certainly shoes us all that you don’t need a reason to wear your most daring heels… what with her Chanel pistols! Take Tara’s lead and wear these coffee’s (like that name!) for… a coffee maybe?

Kobi, you really are a genius. Footwear as art/art as footwear has never looked so good!

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