October 3, 2011

ASOS Revive goes all Ab Fab!

As we all get ready for Eddie and Patsy to grace our screens once again – I’m beyond excited, are you? – ASOS.com have released their fifth season of ASOS Revive which is, if you ask me, a slight nod to that over-the-top, clashing wardrobe that we grew to love on Edina Monsoon. Lots of Lacroix crosses, velvet, loud colours, big jewels and an overall feel of more is definitely more.

Thanks to ASOS, you can have a slice of the Eddie action at probably a fraction of the cost, at a fraction of the cringe-worthy-but-so-wrong-it’s-right horror.


*Heavily jeweled amazing shorts, £85*
*Gold quilted jacket, £70*

*Classic Eddie cross dress, £120*
*Gold trim jacket (she would defo wear it over the dress), £140*

*Lace up ankle boots, £60*
*Heavily jeweled dress, £195*
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