This is how to do it Beyonce, this is how to do a stylish pregnancy… keeping your Christian Louboutin heels on for the whole nine months. Here she is last night, anyway, in New York, in her leopard print booties!

You have to remember, lovely reader, that this is the girl who sings AND dances for a full two hour concert, over and over again, night after night. The lady who’s racked up 100s of spectacular performances, each one with a new excellent twist or theme to it, ALL DONE IN SKY HIGH HEELS. She ain’t fussed.

To her, like my other hero Victoria Beckham, heels are just as much part of any outfit as a bag is, or trousers are. Without them, they’d feel wrong. Good girls I say. My hatred for flat shoes extends to pregnancy too. Granted, if you’re wobbly even without a baby-bump, stay clear, but if you’re used to them, and WANT to wear them… then do it! Don’t listen to these critics who say it’s dangerous/bad for you/weird/not right. What do they know? Obviously nothing.

Surely crossing a road in ugly flats is just as dangerous, pregnant or not, in case you get run over?

Bey, you have my high heel blessing love!

***Some more Loubies to drool over***

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