May 15, 2012

Harrods Crowns and Ballgowns

Something’s happening all over London, the country in fact, if you haven’t noticed. Not the Olympics, no, I wouldn’t waste a blog on that, it’s THE JUBILEE!!! We are going MAD for everything Royal and patriotic. And Harrods are no exception.

This morning I ventured down to the Knightsbridge landmark to check out their collections of crowns and ballgowns in celebration of not only the Jubilee, but also the V&A’s BallGown exhibition. As you can image, my heart was racing from the minute I received the invite to the second I saw the dresses.

If you take a walk down the Brompton Road, you’ll see in the windows the crowns, which are modelled on the St. Edward’s coronation crown, designed by some of the worlds top brands including: Paul Smith, De Beers, Lanvin and Tiffany & Co. Naturally I wanted to try them all on.

And have a look inside at the AMAZING collection of ballgowns. Here’s a few…

*My favourite – Marchesa*

*Roberto Cavalli*
*Carolina Herrera*

*J Mendel*
*Elie Saab*
*Bond No. 9′s special Harrods Jubilee perfume*
*YSL’s Jubilee bag anyone? Or maybe a Marcus Lupfer crown tee?*

***And then there were crowns!***
*Another window, another dress – here’s a replica of the Coronation dress!*

*And my computer, with it’s crown on!*
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