May 1, 2012

Kobi Levi, shoe genius (continued) – new MEN’S!

Once again footwear designer Kobi Levi has demonstrated his flare for innovative shoe design, artistic passion and pushing the fashion boundaries in his new mini-collection: The Ocean Series. And this time, he has something for the men!

You may have seen my older posts talking about Kobi’s exceptional shoe talent, one that combines all the above – he’s produced some of the craziest shoes I’ve ever seen, and up until now they’ve been for the ladies. Well in this new mini collection he’s adapted the women’s into men’s too!

And this time it’s obviously the deep blue that inspired him. Check out these three new designs (and his new website, which is actually transactional now!!)…

Orca, $1,680

Shark, $1,680
Mr. Shark – the MANS version, $1,120

Mr. Orca – the MANS version, $1,050

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