Stylish at ANY age – Advanced Style, by Ari Seth Cohen

Ari with one of his glamourous ‘subjects’

Last night saw the book launch of uber street style blogger Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style (the book takes the same name as his blog). If you don’t know Ari’s work, you’re silly you really should familiarize yourself with it. A well dressed blogger or magazine editor doesn’t cut it with him… it’s all about style over the age of 60.

Thank God for Ari! Just leaf through his new book, or his blog, and you’ll see that his eye for amazingly dressed older women is so honed, so thorough that you can’t help falling in love with each and every ‘subject’ of his.

And that’s exactly what happened when I met Sue Kreitzman, in all her fabulous, colourful glory. And yes, it was THAT necklace that drew me in at first, although Sue looked impeccable anyway, along with the rest of the guests.

This necklace of Sue’s is actually the first in her very own collaboration with Tatty Divine – perspex jewellery experts – and when she spoke about her new range, she couldn’t help getting excited. Easy to see why, isn’t it?

She couldn’t give me any info on her collaboration, but stay tuned with Tatty Divine, I’m sure they’ll announce it.

Happy Friday!

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