August 3, 2012

Leigh Bowery and Taboo the Musical!

Leigh Bowery, the ultimate club kid and human piece of art, is a constant inspiration for me. He pushed boundaries in fashion, gender and art that no-one else has really come close to, and has left a legacy in his wake.

If you didn’t know, Boy George’s musical Taboo – which was also the name of a club night in London back in the 80s – which chronicles the club kid culture of the New Romantic era including Leigh, George and Philip Salon, is coming back to the stage this September (first in London 10 years ago!) You should all really go and see it, it’s an incredible homage to one of the best eras in fashion and musical ever!

It’s funny, because now that men’s fashion is becoming just as ‘big’ as women’s, it’s interesting to see the lines between the masculine and feminine seamlessly blur together. Not that there are lots of Leighs walking around, no, there will only ever be one Leigh, but men have and are becoming more experimental with their dress.

Obviously there is still a big club scene in the UK, there always will be, and there’s lots of younger people who think they’re doing something terribly unique (hell, I’ve been there myself, doing drag and man-drag a lot), but really it all stems from this amazing 80s Leigh Bowery-esque period.

There’s a great documentary on Youtube about Leigh – The Legend of Leigh Bowery (below) – that gives an honest and detailed account of his genius. Watch it, then book tickets for Taboo.

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