November 28, 2012

Christian Dior Couture Fall 2012, hasn’t it done well!?

Every so often there’s a moment in fashion history that generates more column inches than Kim Kardashian on a shopping trip. Hard to believe, but true. When Raf Simons went to head up the House of Dior, and then went on to create one of the most talked about couture collections… ever, it was such a moment.

To say that Raf’s debut fall 2012 couture collection was a success is an understatement. You only have to look to the red carpet of the last few months to see testament of his mastery. Yes, every fashion journalist has had their say: they love it, they want it, they don’t mind it etc etc, but let’s be honest, that is one person’s opinion. Should we judge a collection on whether Tim Blanks says it’s hot or not? Times have changed. The celebrity and their stylist are the ultimate authority now.

The definition of haute couture is literally ‘high dressmaking’. Today, the couture shows are all about extravagance, selling to a very niche, very rich customer and red carpets. So it’s only right that Raf’s collection, his autumn/winter 2012 offering, hit the aforementioned carpets with as much gusto as Joan Rivers usually does… with a BANG!

Just look at this…

The ultimate look for me, my favourite, Ruth Wilson chooses the fuchsia split-front 
dress over trousers. I love the elegance/tailored mix to this, pure amazingness! 
Quite a different look for Emma Watson, but it works SO well on her! 
Dresses over trousers is, I think, a favourite look of mine now, thanks to Raf. 
I admire Julianne Moore for being daring in this yellow two-piece, even though I’m not sure anyone can really make it look amazing, not even the model. 

Rachel Weisz opted for a very sexy LBD from the collection. A fabulous choice! 

Pretty in pink, Jessica Biel chose this sickly-sweet gown, with oversized pockets. I like that it’s a bit longer on her than the model.

New face of Dior, Jennifer Lawrence chose this full-skirted printed dress. Brilliant 
colouring on her! 
 The only one on this post where I think the dress should have stayed on the catwalk 
rather than the red carpet… Natalie Portman is just too short for this. It’s wearing her, instead
of the other way round, and looks, for some reason, distorted in shape.
 In her defence though, it looks like a toughie to master.
I love a belted coat dress, and this pillar-box red option from the collection is 
GORGEOUS. Actress Leelee Sobieski wore the gold belt from the catwalk
look too. So chic, so elegant! 

 And now to Marion Cotillard, she of the utter loyalty to Raf. For this actress there isn’t
a collection she loves more than Christian Dior Couture Fall 2012. It looks like she’s
working her way through the whole collection, already showing off five looks, all amazing…
Black and blue strapless, and a tres chic tuxedo-top dress…

 Cinched waist on a long sleeve belted coat dress, and grey strapless tweed
My favourite of all her dresses, with an orange textured bodice and monochrome
skirt, separated by a shiny gold belt, a little signature of the collection. 
She finished it perfectly with the red clutch and heels.
So there you see it lovely reader, Raf Simons’ first Christian Dior couture collection a success on the red carpet. Thirteen looks in total, many favoured by Marian Cotillard. But which is YOUR favourite??
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