In my old age, and the fact that I don’t seem to ever watch all the TV I want to, I’m a little out of touch with some of the new Hollywood actresses. If they’re not a Real Housewife or Cher, the chances are I wouldn’t know them from Adam. I’m sure Allison Williams is GREAT in Girls (I just Googled her BTW), and without sounding like I’m just dismissing her acting abilities, if she lacks anything in the on-screen department, she definitely makes up for it with her wardrobe choices.

THIS is a red carpet dress. This here L’Wren Scott Spring Summer 2013 frock is, I think, one of my favourites from the whole year.

Why? I hear you ask.

Well for starters I always think it’s a very clever move to wear red on a red carpet. Secondly the shape and length are perfect on her, thirdly it’s sparkly, and I can’t not love a sparkly dress – although what is great about this one is that it’s elegant sequins, not tacky, show-girl sequins. Fourthly the neck line is interesting and not in a ‘lets see how much boob we can flash’ kind of way that seems rife on the carpets of late.

I just think it’s a gorgeous gorgeous dress. Well done Allison Williams. Whoever you are!

 *Allison’s L’Wren Scott dress from the campaign shots*

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