December 18, 2012

The Kardashian Christmas card 2012 is here…

‘Eeeeeere it is ladies and gents, the Kardashian Christmas Card 2012, and it’s allwhite, isn’t it?? Did you get that little funny play on words, all-white? Clever that, innit? 
Well if you ask me this is one of their best. I know I say that every year, but I just get so excited to see so many tall, gorgeous Amazonian women in one picture, I get carried away. Last year’s card was a bit… racy wasn’t it? Legs, boobs, sequins, and that was just Kris! 
It’s nice to see all the Ks smile for a change, well except for Scott, he’s all serious, but he’s not a real Kardashian after all! 
Things I love about 2012′s card: 
- The fact that the Kat has made an appearance (I’m sure it died recently)
- Rob is the DJ, apparently?
- Kim’s dress – which, you’ll notice, is the only one with any detail on it! 
- Bruce’s Joan Rivers impression. Oh wait, that’s his OWN face!!!
Oh how I wish firstly that I was Simon Kardashian just for this one day, and secondly that I was on their Khristmas Kard list. Imagine getting this through the post! 
Well, anyway, another year, another card. It’s officially Khristmas in my eyes lovely reader! 
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