Jean Paul Gaultier’s new campaign shot… SOOO ME!

You might have seen my light bulb moment back in November when I only just discovered that Jean Paul Gaultier’s new spring summer 2013 collection was based on some of my favourite people in the world – Boy George, Grace Jones, Ziggy Stardust, Madonna (she’s not a favourite). Well, here’s the first campaign shot for said collection.


I’m not going to get all technical with models names, to be honest I don’t really care who they are, it’s just SUCH an effective ad shot, one of those that you recognise instantly – even without the name on it – and one that sticks in your head.

What an amazing start to 2013, JPG. And thank you SO much for not using Kate Moss. Quite frankly, I’m so terribly bored of seeing her face at the moment (tut tut Versace and Givenchy).


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