Ain’t no better way to see a New Year in than in Monte Carlo. The land of the rich and famous, the Principality of uber luxury. Unfortunately I’ve spent all my money on sale shopping (I’ll show you what I bought soon), so for me it was just window shopping and getting Mummy G to try everything on.

Here’s some of the, erm, amazing sites I saw whilst in Monaco…

Above: The most amazing Christmas tree display in the main square, opposite the Hotel de Paris 
Below: The day before NYE. Blue sky, Xmas and palm trees. Bliss.

The view from our room (excuse the cranes) 

 Gloria. Posh Monte Carlo milk
 The most INSANE Prada jacket. Mummy G wouldn’t try this on though 🙁

Above and below: jewelled Prada at its best

Oh-so pretty pink gowns from Valentino. Left: Jessica Alba’s dress

Surely this YSL jacket is a down payment for a house, non?

Celine just gets better and better…

Above: Mummy G tried all these bags!
Below: I tried on the jacket of the shop. LOVE IT!

 Chanel-o! Like changing of the Guards! 
 All the Versace Home one gay could need!

Philipp Plein’s skulls are immense! That chandelier…

New Years day drinks at the Cafe de Paris. If you ever visit Monte Carlo,
you MUST go to the Cafe to just sit and watch the world and it’s rich wife go by! 

 They love a sausage too! Two of the cutest ever, apart from Dhilly, obvs

Just some of the Xmas decorations around MC. These particular ones are outside Shirley Bassey’s apartment block. Chic, obviously!  

Even at the airport there’s things to buy, like this Hermes scarf and ashtray!  

Oh, did I tell you that me and the boyf are now ENGAGED?????? 
(you’d know if you followed me on Twitter!)

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