This time of year is a little too much in terms of award ceremonies. We’ve had lots, and we’ve still got more to come, including the Oscars. And with the BAFTAs and Grammy awards taking place last night, on different sides of the pond, I’m sure a lot of bloggers, picture researchers and online press didn’t know whether they were coming or going!

Take a minute to think about those poor stylists, hair and make up artists and general schleppers who probably lose fingers and limbs whilst stitching something last minute, blowing drying a fringe for the 100th time or stabbing themselves with a pair of tweezers, all to make this lot look… acceptable!

Here’s what I thought…

*So it may not be the most flattering shape, but major kudos goes to Adele who wore her Valentino couture gown with such pride. I love it because it’s not another black Burberry number. And the colour is insanely gorgeous on her! Well done Adele*

*Beyonce wore Osman, a British designer, so already I’m loving it. And I think the off-centre blocking on top is oh-so-chic. She looks amazing. A best dressed for me*
*And whilst I’m talking about one Destiny’s Child, I might as well stay on the theme. Kelly Rowland has NEVER looked so smokin’ hot. She probably has to be quite careful in this Georges Chakra – one false move and EVERYTHING is on show – but she works it so friggin’ well!*

*All those shots of her coming out of Chris Brown’s house looking a little… dishevelled, and then BAM! Rhianna is the only woman in red who stole my heart last night*

*I can hear Nicole Scherzinger from here – “No baby, no!” Why the hell does J Lo try this hard?? She’s SO sexy already, this just looks like a parody of herself. Since Angelina, NO ONE should show off this much leg, and you forgot to attach your wig, love. Also, $6million worth of diamonds does not an outfit make!*

*Kathy Griffin definitely wins best black dress award. Look at that body! Look at those boobs! Here’s how to do an LBD (LONG black dress) kids!*
*And here’s an example of how not to do an LBD. Alicia likes to do statement, but I just don’t get it. Yes, her figure is gorgeous, but the straps and croc-material… all a little too much I think*

*I’d love to know Riccardo’s thinking behind this custom Givenchy gown that Florence is, strangely enough, making look rather amazing. Sea urchin-cum-dinosaur maybe? Either way, this emerald green on her is spectacular*
*Another best dressed for me, Janelle Monae. She does the masculine thing SO well. So very well. This is top-to-toe perfection*
*God doesn’t’ Katy Perry look a zillion times better with black hair opposed to that granny purple rinse? And yes, this dress is very ‘booby’, but the great Gucci cut and embellishment are outstanding*
*I nearly didn’t include this one, personally nothing Nicole does post Antonio Berardi is any good, but I thought I would because I thought husband Keith Urban’s head tilt, sympathetic face did all the talking – ‘I know I know, another disappointing, boring dress. I tried, I really did!’ 
*Ohhh God, I can’t believe I’m typing this, but Taylor    Swift    looked     amazing. 
Phewww, there, I did it. But she does! This J. Mendel gown is gorgeous. And I even love her hair. I just HATE her music*

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