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Last week I headed down to Dover Street Market for a book signing/launch. It’s not often I go to these kinds of things, mainly because a) I don’t get invited to them and b) apart from Jackie Collins, there isn’t many books I’m interested in (obviously I’m joking, I did an English degree for God’s sake – before you tut and roll your eyes at me!).

However, when it’s an amazing coffee table book launch, which involves previously unpublished pictures of Boy George, Leigh Bowery, Vivienne Westwood, Divine and more incredible, iconic 70s and 80s characters, how the heck could I resist? After all, this is the era in which I so desperately wish I lived through!

Michael & Gerlinde’s World: Pages From A Diary. Even the name sounds fabulous. So basically, just a brief outline for you: Kinky Gerlinky was an infamous 80′s club night fronted by Michael and Gerlinde Costiff. It attracted all the ‘club kids’, designers, drag queens who I look to now as fashion pioneers – those mentioned above and many more. Michael and his late wife Gerlinde – also of fashion boutique ‘World’ fame (Dover Street has a dedicated World section, a must see!) – kept amazing personal scrapbooks and diaries from their incredible travels. And now, thanks to Kim Jones and i-D magazine’s James Anderson, this book celebrates these scrapbooks and Michael and Gerlinde’s world, club and friends.

Michael was there, signing books, unfortunately I didn’t get time with him, but I did take a few pics of the ‘wall of amazingness’ as I dubbed it – pics from the book blown up…

IMG_8882 IMG_8884IMG_8881

And here’s a few from inside the book too, which is available to buy at Dover Street Market for £40…

DSC04536 DSC04540 DSC04562

Yours truly, The VSG x

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