Cher enters David Letterman on a swing, to God Save The Queen!

cher david letterman


And I NEVER swear on this blog. But shit. This woman just blows my mind. I know I’m a bit dramatic from time to time (ohhhh don’t give me that look!), but I really do think Cher is probably the most fabulous woman on this planet. And I don’t say that lightly. Who else do you know who can fly down from the rafters on the David Letterman show, in a sequined mini skirt and biker jacket, to God Save The Queen (what a bloody genius song choice), at 67 YEARS OLD???

My God I’m in awe.

And you must excuse me lovely reader, Cher has just released her first album in 12 whole years (buy it here, I urge you), so I feel there might be a few more posts on the blog about this woman. Especially because she’s touring with this album, and especially because Bob Mackie is designing her tour wardrobe.

Here’s the interview with Cher and David Letterman from last night’s show. I think my two favourite quotes from this are: David asks her why it’s been 12 years since her last album, and she replies “I forgot!”. And when they are talking about Jimi Hendrix’s career she says: “Sometimes the best thing you can do for your career is to die.”


And here’s the performance of another single from the album, I Hope You Find It…


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