I really have FarFetch to thank for my obsession with uber amazing boutique House of Liza. Thank God the little fashion pixies working in-house at FarFetch, also affectionately known at ‘Fetchers’, found House of Liza (which is situated in one of the most random streets in Hoxton, London). Even though I can’t afford most of what they sell, my life feels complete now I’ve tried all these special special pieces on.

HOL’s ‘thing’ is vintage. I, for one, am usually so sick of hearing that word banded about, but what Goncalo, HOL’s owner, has achieved through actually a life long hobby for the world of vintage fashion is just incredible. It’s like he has dedicated his life going round the world to find one offs, limited editions or just very rare pieces of fashion history.


It’s one thing seeing all these pieces on line, shot in studio light, but it’s quite another to feel, smell, touch and try them on. You feel instantly amazing in them, you feel special. And that, lovely reader, is very hard to come by with pieces of clothing.

When I walked in to the shop, I just gasped. For a about three minutes straight. It’s hard not to. Some of these shirts you only hear of, like a fashion myth, never think you’ll see them in the flesh, let alone try them on. Gianni Versace shirts from the 80s, JC de Castelbajac’s fun 90s prints, Moschino’s novelty, when Franco reigned, way before Jeremy Scott!



I asked Goncalo a few questions. I asked if he could explain the ethos of House of Liza:

House of Liza’s ethos is very simple, to find, buy and collect garments by some of the most iconic and forward thinking fashion designers. We are particularly interested in garments that had an impact on the development of fashion. In this sense, all the clothes we stock defined the vanguard of their period.


Me: Out of all the pieces you’ve ever sourced, what has been the most discovery so far?

I have a few favourite ones, but maybe the Teddy Bear coat by Jean Charles de Castelbajac (1988.1989), made with 40 peluche teddy bears!

Me: What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is an expression of one’s inner self, of one’s identity. Fashion is about projecting to the rest of the world who you are as a person, what your values and aspirations are.

HANS7130 HANS7134

Me: What’s your favourite piece from the current FarFetch/House of Liza collection?

At the moment my favourite piece has to be a men’s jacket by Jean Paul Gaultier from his 1993 seminal collection “Les Rabbins Chic”! This collection, which was heavily inspired by Jewish Orthodox apparel, is very revered amongst fashion collectors. Even before “Les Rabbins Chic”, Gaultier was known for exploring religious themes within his collections, albeit mainly Christian themes. To be inspired  by orthodox Jewish Rabbis was considered by many as too risqué and controversial. He is rumoured to have caused offense by sending female models down the runway in rabbis’ clothing, in what was considered a “charged” atmosphere.

HANS7135 HANS7146 HANS7279 HANS7294

As you can see I’m in absolute heaven here. I really must thank Goncalo for letting me loose on his shop and his pride and joys. If you’re ever in Hoxton, and even if you’re not, you have to go and give House of Liza a visit. You’ll love it! I could have spent all day in the shop, trying everything on.

 HANS7154 HANS7213 HANS7223 HANS7242 HANS7342 HANS7350

Shop all my looks here…

With special thanks to:

Goncalo and Phillip at House of Liza

Caroline at FarFetch

Richard Hanson for photography

Yours truly, The VSG x

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