I rarely talk about jewellery on here, but when something THIS amazing and luxurious crops up, it’s hard to let it go.

OMG Theo Fennell has completely winded me with his ‘Eaton Square’ bangle. It is, quite simply, extraordinary. Obviously the first thing I noticed was the little sausage dog, which made me instantly fall in love with this piece, but then I got to know a bit more about it…

theo fennell eaton square bangle

Basically it’s rendered in 18ct yellow gold, adorned with pave diamonds, and best of all, can be completely tailor made to you. I.e. if you live on a different square (yeah right!) or street you can have it on the plaque, AND you can have your own pet modelled onto it too. To top it off, that gate is not just decorative… you open it to put your hand through!

THE BEST PIECE OF JEWELLERY I’VE EVER SEEN (apart from my engagement ring, obviously)!

The price reflects its amazingness, and retails at £26,500. Check out Theo’s site here for more info.

Yours truly, The VSG x

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