This isn’t a ‘verses’ thing. Both hair dresser types have equally brilliant qualities, but from trying them both, it really does just come down to preference. Very kindly, my last two haircuts have been review appointments, and it was interesting to see the difference between the two services. This was my first ever time at a barber!
Some people only stick to the hairdresser or barber they have had for years and years, but I’m not precious about my hair anymore. Having worked in a salon for a few years I went through many great cutters, and then I met a friend who cut my hair for about four years, giving me everything from extensions to Sharon Osbourne red. He moved to Australia last year so since then my hair and I have been on our own. Out in the wilderness to fend for ourselves.

The first cut was at Clerkenwell salon, Easton Regal. I’d heard great things from a few of friends who had had their hair cut here, both women and men. Some raved about the decor, most about the friendliness.

10554176_710572832341859_1236210141_nThe minute you walk in, you are wowed by the interior. It’s all big windows, wooden floor, black iron and white walls. Product shelves are inviting, not forceful. I used to be a receptionist, so I do find myself judging them at other salons. Here, you’re greeted like a friend, but not overly-friendly. Just right.

Anyway, about the hair. Holly, an uber cool East Londoner with brilliant hair (I always look at the hair of the person cutting mine for some reason!), was to be my hairdresser. She was fun and funny, and confident about giving her opinion. I kept spitting out ideas, and Holly was the one to nail them all down.

Holly was great, the products she chose to use to finish my hair were perfect, overall an extremely excellent visit, and a salon I would definitely recommend to everyone! Check out my cut below…


The second cut was at the award winning Ruffians Barbers in Covent Garden. Believe it or not, this was the first time I’d ever been to a barber. As I said previously, I’ve always had friends in salons, so there has been no need. And what’s more, barbers have that very masculine vibe about them, not that I mind this, but personally, I prefer a salon experience.

10593281_1458818757735413_457695033_nI’ve always had the impression that with a barber, it’s one in one out, quick five minute jobs, short back and sides etc etc. But at Ruffians (who actually opened their first shop in Edinburgh), it’s all about the experience: from immediately being offered a drink (coffee, beer, soft drink) and an old school Tunnocks Caramel wafer, to the comfy sofas and ‘boys club’ vibe.

Josh cut my hair (no longer working at Ruffians), and again had very cool locks himself. Somehow you feel safe if the person holding the scissors has a good cut. We agreed on a style and Josh got to work. I must add here that as with most barbers, at Ruffians you kind of position yourself over the basin at your chair for your hair to be washed – another reason why I prefer a salon (just personal preference).

What a perfectionist he was! Short of getting a ruler out, he cut meticulous lines by hand, down to the millimeter. Even though Josh is no longer with Ruffians, I imagine all the barbers here are trained the same – to be precise and take their time. It’s refreshing to see.

d15a6d58ac4a11e3bf2412329a6f3ed4_8 d1d53f0ea47711e3bcd612e10e870195_8 10299906_337853113033964_1312939463_nAs you can see, the interior is super cool. A mix of industrial and luxury – exposed brick, wooden tops and blue leather chairs. Everyone is super friendly, and there is no pretense about the place. What’s more, Ruffians were recently awarded Creative Head Magazine’s Best Salon Experience accolade. It’s no surprise.

A must for men who love a good barber-ing and beard trims/facials.

10268974_703323279730438_1451569359_n 10617087_279276765612824_1375576443_n

With thanks to Easton and Regal and Ruffians

Yours truly, The VSG x


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