I’m not going to do a whole long list of best and worst dressed this year. Quite frankly, there are enough sites with those lists, and because I haven’t got a bitchy bone in my body (ha!), I thought I’d just concentrate on the 10 looks from last night’s Met Gala that are the most important/iconic/amazing/winner-worthy.

So, here we go…


I’m sill reeling in the fact that my ultimate hero, the most amazing diva that ever lived (apart from Dolly, Tiny and Liza obvs) was seen on the red carpet. She was a guest of Marc Jacobs, and they were seen hand holding all the way down the red carpet. I mean, I’m still speechless. Sparkly, incredible, amazing Cher.



Yes, Cher might have won the ‘I can’t believe it’ award, but RPatz’s girlfriend definitely won a best dressed award. Not many people could get away with this Christopher Kane dress. She can. It’s just mesmerizing. All tangled bodies, claustrophobia-chic!



She is one of the only stars I look forward to seeing on a red carpet, always putting her own spin on things. I imagine she threw all the other options her stylist pulled out the window, chucked the rail on the floor, shoved a flower in her hair, and put this on, storming out the hotel, looking friggin’ gorgeous. It’s Chanel couture by the way. And one of the only people to do trousers on the red carpet. She’s an important style icon.



So the theme was China Through A Looking Glass, so it’s only right to talk about the best dressed actress to come out of China. She is SERVING IT!! She’s like a porcelain Chinese Oscar, billowing down the red carpet in her Christopher Bu cape. Oh I just can’t even look anymore… I just want to be her!!! (Or at least her best friend. Or her wardrobe assistant. Or just her maid)



Super models on red carpets are two a penny now, but few come close to this English beauty. Wearing Atelier Versace, Rosie was the epitome of perfection. This is second skin dressing done AMAZINGLY. The hair, the makeup, the open-mouth, the slit, the cut outs, the cinnamon swirl boob. LOVE LOVE LOVE.



I give Madonna a hard time, I’m the first to admit it, but I just expect so much, and feel she doesn’t really deliver anymore. But here, with Jeremy Scott kneeling at her feet, she’s EVERYTHING! Her dress may be totally off-theme, but I love that it’s age-appropriate, fun, playful, shapely. The cape is a great addition too. But who’s face has she borrowed? Sorry sorry sorry, I said I’m not bitchy.

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala - Arrivals


This is an important look, not because it’s amazing, or that she is best dressed, because it isn’t, and she’s not. But it’s the most jarring, kitsch, flamboyant of all the dresses on the this red carpet, and takes up the most square footage of any too. It’s so grotesquely Liberace that for some reason it works. And for that reason, Rihanna remains important. She’s wearing Guo Pei.



Oh my God, I mean, THIS is how to wear the theme, remain true to your style, and be youthful all at the same time. We don’t need young stars looking older, we need them current. Zendaya is a new style icon, with designers chucking collections at her to wear. I love love LOVE this. It’s dramatically perfect. She’s wearing Fausto Puglisi.



Or Mrs. Eddie Redmayne to you and I, is by far the best dressed ‘other half’ at the moment. It’s because her hubby has been catapulted into Oscars stardom. She must be having a ‘pinch me’ moment. And I am too. This Valentino dress is Julia-Roberts-Valentino-Oscars-dress amazing. I can’t stop staring. She could have done more with her hair and makeup, but she wins another best dressed gong.



Let’s hope there was no more lift fighting moments for this one. Her Giles dress could have been used as a weapon. Not like a brick or something heavy, but it would either snap up its prey, like a Venus fly trap, or just hypnotize it, like one of those magic eye pictures. Either way, Solange remains an important fashion player… it’s moments like this that she’ll go down in HERstory for.


 Yours truly, The VSG x

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