You know you like a brand when your beauty and grooming roundups almost always include products from that brand. 


As I started typing this post I realised that my last edit (here) also includes something from Perricone MD, and a Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrance.

It’s testament to great ingredients, amazing smells and general making one feel rather fabulous!

Anyway, from clockwise:

* Timothy Dunn London Samarkand candle *

You know when you light a candle, have it on for a couple of hours, on purpose walk in and out of the room it’s burning because the smell is so richly layered, so warming and delicious, and then 24 hours after blowing it out it still gives off a scent? Yeh, that’s what this, and all Timothy Dunn candles does. This one, Samarkand, is infused with woody, spicy, musky ingredients that are just gorgeous all together. Perfect for summer or winter. It’s on now, in front of me. I can’t stop sniffing.


* Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Satin Mood *

OK, how do I say this without getting carried away? Every single fragrance master perfumer Kurkdjian releases (under his own label) has got me hooked on first spritz. They are simply AMAZING. If you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE fan of oud, and a HUGE fan of rose. So Satin Mood, for me, is literally the perfect fragrance. Powerful, sweet, woody, rose but strangely masculine and feminine at the same time. Even my husband likes this one, and he doesn’t do oud!


* Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash *

You know me and a lovely, luxury body wash! I’m a sucker for them. And you know when you’ve fallen in love with one when you really really don’t want it to finish. You strategically use a bit less each time. This rose otto body wash is DIVINE. And boys, it’s not super rose-y, it has that lovely subtleness about it, and after use, take a whiff of your skin… soooooo nice!


* Korres Water Lily Body Milk * 

Body milk sounds so much nicer than body lotion, don’t you think? Like a lovely drink for you skin! And this one actually feels and smells a LOT nicer than most lotions I’ve tried recently. Love the Korres packaging, and their smells are historically amazing, this one is clean, fresh and sweet.


* Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Nourishing Moisturiser *

So Perricone MD’s thing is the ingredients they use in every product. The green packaged products are the hypoallergenic ones, meaning they are really for sensitive skin. I don’t suffer from sensitive skin, but I LOVE this moisturiser. It’s thick and rich, which sometimes is a bit of a turn off for me with moisturisers, and when you put it on the skin it feels a bit shiny, but let it sink in. Then POW, your skin is smooth, soft, plumped and feeling fabulous. I’ve also read jars aren’t ideal with some ingredients – once the air gets in it can deteriorate them – but it doesn’t seem to have affected my jar!


* Clinique For Men Charcoal Face Wash *

Clinique For Men launched this charcoal face wash along with a new Sonic facial brush thingy. Now I might review that soon, but for me, I don’t generally like using them. Personal preference. But the charcoal face wash is rather lovely! I thought it was going to be all rough and ready, but it lathers into a gentle foam. Charcoal gets rid of all the impurities in your skin, and this wash works hard!


* Melvita Prosun Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturising Gel-Cream *

I don’t self tan. End of. I will NOT go out into the world looking like a streaky TOWIE mess. No no no. However, I WILL do a tinted moisturiser or a subtle, no-streak gradual tan. When Lierac Homme stopped distributing their gradual tan, I was devastated, I didn’t think I’d find a replacement. Well, I have! This smells good (not biscuity), is natural, and sinks in well. Ticks all round.

If you see me looking a bit too Donatella, please tell me to put this down!


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Yours truly, The VSG x

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