I’ve been quite busy of late. Not least with my ‘day’ job, but I also do some freelance writing, I have this blog, and since last October, I’ve been travelling round the country with my photographer friend, Rikki, snapping people and their pups for my brand new venture…


My new website dedicated to fabulous people and their pups (direct link to it at the top of this blog, on the navigation bar). It went live the beginning of this week, and I’ve already have such lovely comments about it. It’s taken a lot of time to get right – from the style of pictures, to the copy, to the design of the site (which I did myself, so don’t be thinking it’s impossible to launch a site yourself!) but I’m SO happy with it!

simon glazin

I wanted to convey the relationship with dogs and their owners through really amazing photography. I also wanted to encapsulate everything that I love in one place: fashion, dogs, interiors and people! And in an attempt to not alienate those without a hound, I’ve done an interview with each person which includes career advice and lifestyle suggestions, plus there’s some interiors inspiration to be had from the shoots too!

I’ve loved meeting all the people we shot. They are all so varied: from a bespoke bicycle creator to shoe designers. I’m always looking for new¬†people to shoot, so please feel free to nominate yourself or a friend!

simon glazin lifestyletails

simon glazin lifestyle tails 3

Dhillon loves to pose, doesn’t he?? See more of my shoot, including my new house, here.¬†(Oh, and by the way, my flamingo print shirt is from River Island, here.)

I hope you enjoy Lifestyle Tails!

Yours truly, The VSG x

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