Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE couture week. I just spend ages coming up with scenarios in my head of where I would that dress/jumpsuit/creation if I was a really rich woman.

Strange to say that sentence out loud, let-alone type it for all to see, but… OH WELL.

Elie Saab is always one of my favourites. You’re guaranteed masses of sequins, loads of feathers, embellishments galore, dresses that sweep either edge of the catwalk, slits up to there, metres of gorgeous fabrics billowing behind models and uber amounts of glamour. I often wonder how much one of his shows cost: from production to the collection. It must be in the millions!

And for his autumn ’16 collection, which was sent down the runway this week, it was another fabulous fest. And actually we were offered something quite different from his usual monochrome collections – there was a theme, New York, and with that came nods to the city’s skyscrapers and the iconic Statue of Liberty. This is, of course, to coincide with the designer’s new Madison Avenue store set to open next year!

Anyway, I’ve poured over the catwalk pictures a million times, and taken my 8 favourite features from the collection. Check them out…


*New York, New York*

Sticking with the New York bit for a minute, there were a few dresses that resembled abstract windows on a building, and the crown of the Statue of Liberty. The most chic representation of the Big Apple wouldn’t you say?


*Cinched in waists*

Although this is nothing new, I just love the tone-on-tone belts, and most of them were in amazing velvets too. Waists were quite severe, which made the whole collection really statement (although quite hard to achieve for us regular folk!).

elie saab fall couture 2016 2

*Peplums are chicer than ever!*

They’re a fashion statement determined to stay around for ever – like the nautical trend – but really I think peplums are quite amazing. I love the structural shape they give pieces, especially when they’re encrusted with Saab embellishments!

elie saab autumn fall couture 2016 peplum

*Couture ‘mini me’ dresses*

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever?? And the most expensive children’s wear ever?? It was definitely an ‘ahhhh’ moment for this catwalk show. Send children and/or dogs down the runway and you’re guaranteed immediate social coverage. Just watch those iPhones go nuts! Now you and your daughter can go matchy matchy. Perfect!


*Nod to the ’80s*

This ALWAYS gets the thumbs up from me. These Dynasty-esque shoulders, black lapels and cinched-in waist of this jacket is something Joan Collins would definitely approve of. Blazers and pencil skirts… YES PLEASE! (And can we please appreciate the fact that this model is wearing just ONE chandelier earring?!)

elie saab fall couture 2016 23

*Birds and hearts are having a moment*

Neither are ground breaking prints, but Elie Saab’s versions of both are obviously super glam. Crystal, shiny birds and printed hearts on full skirts are oh-so-pretty!

elie saab fall couture 2016 birds elie saab fall couture 2016 hearts


Think big, 3D appliqued blooms that, although aren’t anything new for this designer, looked incredible when scattered over gowns, on peplums, and embroidered snaking down the entire length of dresses. AH-MA-ZING.

elie saab fall couture 2016

*Indirectly referencing Cher’s Vanity Fair moment*

I’ve obviously saved the best till last! When I saw this blue gown, with jutting embellishment, Cher was my first thought. Her’s was by Bob Mackie – the costume genius – but I can definitely imagine her in this Saab number. Is Elie a secret Cher fan??????

elie saab couture 2016 cher vanity fair

Watch the catwalk show here…


Yours truly, The VSG x

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