Maximalism is in. You only have to look to the massive explosion of Alessandro Michele’s Gucci to know that the trend is here to stay. And there are few designers who do OTT well, Marco de Vincenzo is one of them.

His fringing got me at first shake. His choice of bright colours, often ombré, are infectious. His attention to detail is impeccable. And his brand new paw bags, shown last season, available now, are beyond amazing.

And now, courtesy of his just-shown-in-Milan spring summer ’17 catwalk show, us men can get a slice of the action! THIS MAKES ME HAPPY

_arc0396Sadly there are no sequins, and no fringing, but what we DO have, men, is lots and LOTS of lurex… and we can’t complain about lurex, can we? It’s still glittery after all, and de Vincenzo’s colour choices are, as usual, incredible!

Boxy shapes and wide-leg knitted trousers galore! Both shapes together and you’ve basically got my ideal outfit. Very Liza Minnelli. And also notice the front of some of the shoes… this thick, coloured knotted detail is a signature of de Vincenzo, his women’s heels feature the same.




Shop the current womenswear collection here…

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