Usually when I do one of these roundups there’s at least ONE product that either has a rose or oud smell, or uses one or both ingredients. I think this might be the first time I’ve actually compiled one without either.

I know. It’s big news in the world of The Very Simon G. But rest assured, I spray a rose or oud fragrance every day, so don’t feel too trouble about it.

What we do have in this list though, is brand new products to the market – exciting stuff! So, read on to find out…


*72 Hair*

I’ve decided to grow my hair, as long as I can get it (which, I fear, isn’t that long sadly), and as it grows I notice it needs a bit of extra TLC. Well thank god for the newly-launched 72  hair products.

The thing about 72 is that it has amazing smoothing ingredients, which eliminates that horrible frizz (amazing for the summer months!). Avocado oil, collagen and, what they call hydrolyzed silk (sounds gorge, right?) all help to repair the cuticle and improves the condition of the hair. What’s more, the shampoo and conditioner smell amazing, AND this has to be some of the chicest packaging I’ve seen – the grey goes PERFECTLY with our marble tiles (because that’s what is important, right?) Shop all 72 hair products here. 



*Rituals Samurai Scrub*

Rituals’ newest products to their men’s collection is the Samurai set, and my favourite of the products is this face scrub. I LOVE a good scrub, prefer them to a wash (not everyday though), and this one is particularly grainy so it really feels like you’re removing all the dead skin and rubbish from the face. What’s more, everything from Rituals smells divine! I don’t ever shave, so a scrub for me isn’t for a smooth shave, it’s to scrub away all the impurities which this does I think! Shop the Samurai set here.



*Benefit Firm It Up Eye Serum*

I’ve been using the Clinique For Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel for years, but I often give others ago. I haven’t, as of yet, found one that works as well. Until now. This Benefit eye serum is amazing! It’s not greasy AT ALL, and really does absorb in seconds (it’s not even a lie!). Plus you can see the tightening and brightening effects almost immediately! Love this. Get it here. 



*Versace’s Dylan Blue*

Let’s get the technical stuff out the way… this fragrance is filled with woody, citrus notes, with grapefruit, black pepper, incense, musk and saffron. On paper, I should love it. On first spray, I didn’t. BUT after a while, once it had dried, I LOVED it. It’s not my usual heady, knock-you-in-the-face kind of fragrance, but it’s spicy and fresh. Get it here. 


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