It’s always a good day when your favourite designers decide to branch out and give us men something to lust after. There are only so many gowns, trouser suits, skirts and heels you can dream about and gush over as a guy.

Obviously I can do that all day. But I still want to fill my wardrobe with amazing pieces.

Not that I can afford any Stella McCartney menswear, but it’s all about aspiration isn’t it? And this collection – well, some of it – is the stuff of dreams. You know when you see something you REALLY really¬†want, and you save up for it? Yeah, it has THOSE kinds of pieces in it.


I’m paraphrasing, but over on Vogue’s show report for this collection, Stella does say that there are some references from her father, Sir Paul McCartney. Apparently the embroidered denim shirt was lifted from an early Beatle’s picture. And there is definitely a cool, East London vibe to lots of the collection, almost nu-rave with the colours, psychedelic prints and sandals with socks. It reminds me of Trainspotting.

Which isn’t my vibe in the slightest. But take the looks apart, and there are some GREAT pieces on their own: the tassel jumper above, the bird embroidered shirt, the card print shirt (styled with a jumpsuit actually), the jockey print trousers and jacket combo…

17-stella-ss-17-mens 15-stella-ss-17-mens 12-stella-ss-17-mens

Stella has, naturally, kept to her no-animal policy for menswear too. So you won’t find any leather, suede, not even animal glue! (What a gross thought!) You will find, however, organic denim!

You can actually pre-order the collection over on the Stella site (see it all here), but don’t expect it be hanging in your wardrobe until Spring next year! Sometimes I think it’s easier to see it all on its own, rather than heavily stylised, so you can actually see what the pieces are and figure out how you’d style them yourself.

23-stella-ss-17-mens 11-stella-ss-17-mens 09-stella-ss-17-mens


And while we are talking about Stella McCartney, can we PLEASE appreciate her new dog prints for Resort 2017…

stella-mccartney-dogs 14-stella-ss-17 01-stella-ss-17

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