Before you worry that I have overdosed on vitamin C, it’s not the edible kind I’m obsessed with. Yes, I like the taste, but not half as much as I like the look of a gold shiny pineapple ornament or candle.

The picture above was taken in our house. Alex, The Frugality, saw on my Instagram that I had lots of pineapples and flamingos and so wanted to do a feature on our new house. So round came her other half, the lovely Chris, who took the pictures, and voila! (See the rest of our pad here)

My pineapple obsession was exposed!

I find them everywhere: TK Maxx, Primark, Marks & Spencer, H&M. Now though, the hubby, who previously didn’t particular like them, comes home with new pineapples! That’s love!

It’s definitely the whole Miami, tropical, Copacabana/Carmen Miranda campery that draws me in. Like a moth to a flame. A blogger to a pineapple. Anyway, I thought I’d just indulge my, erm, sweet tooth even more and go on the hunt for more more more! Enjoy… 


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