Here’s the thing… I don’t do ‘smart’ dressing. The thought of wearing a suit everyday scares me. Why do you think I went into ‘fashion’?

I love(d) my wedding suit (it was Versace FYI), but even that made me feel restricted.

What I do love though, is a nice shoe. I’ve got hundreds of them. Most in a pile at the bottom of our stairs. But when Ted Baker challenged me, gave me a Mission Impeccable task, to style up these high-shine brogues, I learnt some things…

1. They work best with a print, especially a Vivienne Westwood orb (above)


2. Army print + brogues = a Simon G certified look. Plus red laces(squared) are the one!


3. Getting amazing new shoes makes you go hunting in your wardrobe. I wouldn’t have found these fish-print Farrah trousers, that I bought 2 years ago, if it hadn’t have been for Ted!

Mission Impeccable: DONE! Now take a look at Ted Baker’s agent-themed vid…

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Yours truly, The VSG x

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