God, I’ve become a walking, talking, blogging cliche… yes, I DID just use ‘party season’ in the title of this post. I’m talking in magazine copy. I apologise. But it is true that the entire month of December is officially known as PARTY MONTH.

I could say ‘Christmas Do Season’, or ‘An Excuse To Dress Up And Get Drunk Season’, but I didn’t. I’M SORRY.

Anyway, I thought I’d do the hard work for you and go on the hunt for some party-perfect pieces from brands I love. So, here they are…



The Korean brand, that ship internationally (don’t worry), seemingly exploded in the social-sphere in the last year. Bloggers and Instagram stars can’t get enough of this label, and it’s easy to see why. They are VERY good at tops and jackets – lots of asymmetric cuts, ruffles and layers – but some of the jeans are amazing too! And affordable too!


I’ve been following this Italian label for years, mainly because they have amazing printed sweaters with animals all over them, but they have evolved into a fully fledged party girl (and boy) brand. It’s all about bright, art-pop references, and T-shirt dressing at its best. Plus, from last season, some amazing disco-inspired pieces featuring dancing ladies!

*GUCCI (for the boys)*

It’s such an obvious one, but OMGucci! It’s just so good, from the printed shoes to the embroidered jeans, and what about the snake embroideries on polo shirts and jumpers? Plus, the jackets are beyond amazing this season. Just one piece will transform your wardrobe, men!


I speak about this French label ALL the time. It’s just so amazing. Rihanna is a fan, as are lots of bloggers. The pull of the pieces is their construction: off-the-shoulder cuts, on-purpose squiggle shapes and directional tops and skirts. I just WISH Simon Jacquemus would do menswear! Pick up a top for easy styling…


Another brand I constantly talk about… also getting better and better. For autumn, think rich velvets and sumptuous silks, with lots of fringing and tailoring. It’s quite pricy, but very well made. The kind of thing you’ll have forever, then hand down to your daughter.

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