New Year, Old You

If one more person asks me what my new year’s resolutions are! I’m 33; surely you don’t actually make resolutions after the age of about 15? We all know that they are purely novelty: you might promise to not eat anything with more than 0.1g of sugar in it, but by February 1st you’re back on the peanut M&Ms. And you may have made a pact with yourself to go to the gym three times a week, but after the first week of January you’re back in the pub instead (losing out on the third resolution – Dry January).

And Dry January I don’t get either. Why would you want to be sober in January? Of all the months, why choose the one that is most depressing in terms of finances, feelings and forecasts? Wouldn’t March or November be better? Go and enjoy a drink. NOW!

The last thing to rant over is Christmas trees. I loved our tree from this year. After our old fake one was vetoed for being much to spindly to fill the space in our new house, we went all out with a real seven footer. And thanks to the Jonathan Adler sample sale, it was full with oh-so-cute white and silver animal baubles, plus flamingos and a few sacred decorations that we’ve had for years. But you forget that come January 6th, it all needs to go. Which means: schlepping a half dead tree across the house, needles everywhere, a few smashed baubles (obvs!), wrestling metres of lights back in their box, and then the odious task of actually getting rid of the dead tree – trying to shove it in the car, while still looking chic, with needles flying everywhere, then dumping it at the… dump.

Bring on Christmas 2017!


Kim, hi! screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-14-43-56

Isn’t it funny that the day Celebrity Big Brother UK launches, with Ray J as a housemate (you don’t know who he is either? Good, thought it was just me! He’s the other half of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape that catapulted her to worldwide fame back in the pre-reality days. Oh he’s also a rapper), Kim decides to post on Instagram after a 13 week break following her horrendous ordeal? It’s as though momager Kris has pre-planned it, to coincide with a bit of British press. If you ask me, the Kardashian star (and I mean the whole krew) is on the wane. People are slowly becoming less interested in them. If it wasn’t for Kendall’s huge catwalk success, and Kylie’s lips, might the sparkle have petered out completely?

It’s clear from what Kim has decided to share with her 89.8m followers since her social media break, that it’s all about #family. And I don’t blame her. A united front is what is needed for the Kardashian-Wests. Kanye’s breakdown wasn’t nice to watch at all, it was #awkward. I imagine for Kim it was terrible. He doesn’t get good press at the best of times (remember his weird presidential promise?), and there was lots of column inches about will-she-won’t-she divorce him. I hope she doesn’t. Not that I’m their biggest fan, but for the kids’ sake it’d be the best thing for them to get #stronger.


Jackie’s back! 

When I read that Jackie Collins had passed away, I was heartbroken. Not only because I actually knew her, and had experienced what a warm, generous, fabulous woman she was, but because I’m a huge fan of her writing too. Having studied English at university, I had my fair share of Ulysses and Henry James, so don’t worry, I can read non-bonkbusters too. I’ve read all of Jackie’s books, some twice. Lucky Santangelo, her main heroine, features in 10 of them. And good news for Jackie fans… Lucky is heading to the big screen!

Universal Pictures has acquired all 10 books, and screenplay writing has commenced! Apparently there will be a trilogy. Such exciting news! One of Jackie’s daughters commented: “We are thrilled to be bringing our mother’s most iconic and dynamic character to the big screen… We consider it the perfect time for a kick ass female heroine to take center stage in Hollywood.” Bring. It. On. Jackie would absolutely LOVE this news! 



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