OH MY ACTUAL GOD! Heels. That are elephants. Elephant heels.

Have you ever seen anything so amazing?


But once again, none for us men. And I’ll put money on the fact I won’t be getting these in a size 11!

Tank magazine’s fashion director, Caroline Issa alerted me to these on Instagram a few weeks ago…



The London-trained shoe designer, Dora Teymur, launched his line 2012, full of sculptural shapes that became style stars’ favourites.

Easy to see why, huh?

Any elephant fans out there? THESE ARE THE SHOES FOR YOU!

And now you can pre-order over on Moda Operandi – HERE


Get these white pumps HERE

Also, while I’m here, I’m helping support the March For Giants campaign – to help save elephants. Find out more here. 


Shop the new season here…

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