I know we all lived through the recent heatwave, I know we all sweated profusely, I know that other people used public transport and complained, in our heads, how smelly it was. I know that everyone was sweating through their couture, the amount of ‘puddle backs’ I saw! I know all this. But I’m still about to sound like it only happened to me: OMG I COULDN’T ACTUALLY COPE.

I don’t do well in heat. Period. Anything over 22 degrees and I’m DONE.

On Wednesday I stupidly took the bus. BIG MISTAKE. HUGE. It was what I expect actual hell to be like.

In the office I’m literally sat on top of the air conditioning unit. Or I’m spritzing myself with a facial mist – the BEST invention for hot and sticky summer days.

These are all tried and tested. I can confirm that my favourites are: Mario Badescu, Jurlique, and of course the Evian spray…

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