There are a few films that define your life, that should be watched by every single person, and that are so life-affirming that they become unmissable.

Grey Gardens is one of these films.

I can list others: Paris is Burning, The Birdcage, Pink Flamingos. But Grey Gardens is truly one of my all time favourites.

If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it below, but in short, it’s a documentary film that looks into the lives of Big Edie Beale and her daughter, Little Edie (both actually called Edith Beale) – the aunt and first cousin of Jackie O. They are reclusives, but so interesting to watch.

Their Hamptons house is Grey Gardens. In the doc, you see the squalor they live in. But you can’t stop watching.

I’ve gone on too long. If you watched the film above, you’ll know all about it.

ANYWAY, Grey Gardens is for sale. Still. It went on the market at the beginning of the year, and it remains on the market.

Apparently American Express where going to rent it the whole summer to hold special events, but they received a cease-and-desist letter after disrupting the neighbourhood.

This is the house now…


And this is a video of it too…

The house is on the market for just over £13,906,000.

That’s nothing compared to the history this place has seen.

So… WHO’S GOING TO BUY IT??? See the listing here. 

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