Happy New Year everyone! I trust you all had fabulous Christmases? Good!

Back to clothes… so in the fashion world, we’re already like, two seasons ahead. Which means that before Christmas the pre-fall 2018 collections were released. These won’t be on general sale until about May/June time, BUT it was REALLY hard to not talk about the new Versace collection. 

It. Is. Mind. Blowingly. Good.

Like, when I first saw it, I was lost for words.

Dramatic I know. But I don’t care.


I mean, can you even cope with this? Puffer coat of dreams. And yup, that’s a puffer scarf too. And puffer boots. The most chic Michelin woman EVER!

So, Donatella is giving a nod to the amazing Versace Casa collection (homewear to you and I). [Sidebar] We have legit just picked up our wedding china that we got as a gift, all Versace, FOUR YEARS AGO. Don’t ask. But this collection looks exactly like our plates and bowls.

Does that mean I need the coat, scarf and bag to match? YEP.

You can probably guess from these clothes that the Versace home collection is pretty full on, pretty maximalist, a real fabulous smack in the face. And that’s what this collection is all about, plus some new Versace logo prints, caps, and amazing velvet pieces.

And good news… you have FIVE DAYS to pre-order the lot over on Moda Operandi right now!

Oh god, it’s just all tooooo good! 

So, what you buying (me) then? 

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