I make it no secret that I am a hardcore Divine fan. You’ll find ‘You Think You’re a Man’ in my ‘most played’ list on my phone, his films on my shelf (Pink Flamingos is my favourite, and Hairspray is a given) and I’m even reading the book Not Simply Divine, written by his old personal assistant, right now.

So yeah, I love the drag queen. So when I saw today that Kat Von D, the lady made famous for her tattoo artistry, had released the Divine Palette, I screamed in delight!

I realise that younger people have NO idea who he is. My husband hasn’t even seen the original Hairspray with Divine playing Edna Turnblad. Sacrilege!  But to a lot of people he defined the underground film scene of the 70s and 80s, before tragically dying in 1988 just as he won his first major TV role.

It’s such a genius move from Kat Von D. She’s known for her garish, confident attitude to makeup, and with Divine as inspiration for this new palette, it makes complete sense! I mean, look at that box! Those famous eyebrows and eyeliner flicks are pure amazingness!

And what’s more, the eye shadows are all named after Divine films or performances! You’ve got: Babs gold, Hard Magic black, Baltimore royal blue, Waters light blue, Filthy slate, Pink Flamingos green, Female Trouble silver and Hairspray bonze metallic.

This actually rivals the Rupaul MAC Viva Glam collection. Well… maybe not AS fabulous, but definitely up there!

Get the palette on Kat’s site here.

And here’s a little Divine compilation for all you young folk…

All pictures: BritishBeautyBlogger

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