Ohhh how I love it when fashion and charity come together, in particular animal charities. And even better when the collaborations are done well. Like this newest one between Lacoste and The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The Save Our Species campaign is possibly the best charity/fashion partnership I’ve seen for a long time. So in short, Lacoste have replaced the iconic crocodile logo on a white polo with 10 other animals that face extinction. The number of tops made correspond to how many of those animals are left in the wild, so 1775 tops in total. GENIUS! And amazing!


So there’s:

  • 30x The Vaquita (a sea mammal, like a dolphin)
  • 40x Burmese Roofed Turtles
  • 50x Northern Sportive Lemur (like a little monkey)
  • 60x Javan Rhino
  • 150x Cao-vit Gibbon
  • 157x Kakapo (parrot)
  • 231x California Condor (bird)
  • 250x Saola
  • 350x Sumatran Tiger
  • 450x Anegada Ground Iguana

Those numbers are quite astonishing. So few numbers left of these amazing animals, we really need to do something about it before they go forever. Although I’m unsure how much of the profits go to IUCN/Save Our Species, anything is better than nothing. 

You can shop the collab here.

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