“What the hell was that shirt you had on Instagram the other day?” asked a friend of mine.

“It was Junn.J and it was AMAZING!”

“Errrrrm define amazing.” She replied.


This shirt, although it might look a bit odd, is the best thing I’ve had on my back for a long time. As you know by now, I don’t really like anything too mainstream or generic. I don’t actually own a plain striped shirt. So this is like next level shiz for me!

A shirt attached to a shirt. Literally. That’s it. A simple idea on paper, and amazing on execution.

I realise what a lot of you are thinking now – what’s the point? – I just love it though! And also the whole of the new collection is quite amazing.

Lots of oversized shapes, layering, cool illusions and stripes galore!

See more of the collection below…

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