I know, I know, the official wedding pictures of Harry and Meghan have LITERALLY just been released, the whole country will be looking at them right now. I, for one, can not STOP staring at the new Duke & Duchess of Sussex.


I could write a thesis on how much I loved the wedding (you can listen to me talking with Paul Ross on his Talk Radio show here (03.33am)), but I won’t do that. Obvs.

HOWEVER, whilst Harry & Meghan have already been thrust into their new working life together – a garden party for Charles’s 70th birthday, I’m still reeling over these fabulous artist impressions of an uber fashion forward Harry & Meghan off on their honeymoon, as featured in Esquire magazine…

Erghhhh isn’t this AMAAAAZING!!! What a clever man artist Seth Armstrong is! Now THIS is artwork I want hanging in my house! It’s so bloomin’ good!

Here is the royal couple, above, in head-to-toe Gucci, checking in their Gucci luggage… first class, obviously!

And here’s Harry checking his Instagram (if only!) in a striking Dolce & Gabbana suit, while Meghan relaxes in the bath.

Oh, and here they are on a little bike ride, in full Prada looks, even down to their £130 socks.

The beauty of these portraits is that you can absolutely and definitely imagine these two royals doing ALL these things on honeymoon! OK, maybe not in brand new season stuff, but nonetheless a bike ride, sunbathing etc YES! They’re so real: the paintings AND the couple!

You know for a fact we’ll be seeing one of these pictures from their mini moon! Maybe not in Versace – or maybe in fact! Who knows? But this is a definite.

And then after a long day of sunbathing, the royal couple will head off for a sickeningly romantic dinner on the beach front, wearing Giorgio Armani (Meghan’s handbag is £1700 FYI. She better have bought that from her OWN money and not the royal purse!).

And with one final ‘Kate and Leo’ moment, on board a ship, the couple set sail in Louis Vuitton, just before they head home to ‘real life’ at Kensington Palace. In ‘normal’ clothes.

Ohhh Seth Armstrong, you transported us all away with them. And for that, I thank you!

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