Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you’d have noticed something is happening in Cannes. Something big. Something fabulous. Something FASHUNNN.

It’s Cannes Film Festival lovely reader. CANNES. FILM. FESTIVAL. Better than the Met Gala, better than the Oscars. Better than any red carpet award ceremony anywhere in the world. Hundreds of metres of carpet is stomped, with thousands of couture dresses on show. Possibly some films are shown, but who’s watching??

And then six days in, after lots of very lovely dresses later, Winnie Harlow breezes in and smashes the carpets to BITS.

This green dress – this INCREDIBLE green gown – is Ralph and Russo Spring 2018. I don’t know what it is – the green against the red, her extraordinary shape, the bodice folds, but it’s just so damn captivating!

Oh, it wasn’t just this dress. Oh no no no. It gets better. If you can imagine that.

Winnie nailed it once again last night, at the Fashion For Relief catwalk show, in this OMGorgeous Roberto Cavalli couture dress!

You may recognise this parrot dress. It pains to me say it, but Katy Perry has also worn it, but she can’t pull anything off if you ask me, so let’s forget about that! THIS is how you do it. THIS THIS THIS.

So we’ve still got a week left of Cannes Film Festival, I can’t take any more beautyyyyyyy Winnie!!

OK, I so can. BRING IT ON.

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