Just when you thought the Hadid clan couldn’t get any better (Gigi’s recent Moschino bride moment, Bella… in general! And yes Yolanda too – of Real Housewives fame), they go and partner up with Vogue and release this.

It’s going down as iconic. Sorry, it just is. And it literally comes the day after a friend and I were reminiscing at how brilliant that scene in Beetlejuice was. (If you were born before 1988 maybe just Google it?) They actually made it to celebrate the end of New York Fashion Week… it’s a VERY extravagant way to see it out, but I ain’t complaining. IT’S AMAAAZING!

It’s. Pure. Genius. Like Donatella’s 73 questions. Or like when Victoria Beckham released that song with Dane Bowers. Or when Pamela Anderson collaborated with Miss Guided.

I’ve just watched it 45 times in a row. And you should do the same. You’re welcome.

P.S. for ease, here is the original from Beetlejuice:

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