I don’t know what’s going on this season (and by this season, we obviously mean spring/summer ’19), but there seems to be LOTS of amazing menswear on the catwalks. From designers that haven’t previously done menswear. And you know what this means don’t you? MORE THINGS FOR ME TO BUY.

OK, that was selfish. I apologise. But really, it’s so incredibly amazing to see more designers not leaving us men out. That’s not to say men, including myself, haven’t been wearing women’s clothes for a long time now, and I don’t mean drag.

New York fashion week saw three designers in particular turn their hands to menswear. Here they are:


Known for his masterful womens collections that sometimes draw inspiration from his native, Nepal, Gurung decided to dress the men for next spring with the same inspiration, this time the foothills of his homeland.

He finished his studies in New York in 2009, and it’s easy to see the Americana influences too, especially in this collection of cool sports luxe (GOD I hate that term!). The colour blocking is amazing, as are the suits… that wrap one is just sublime! Defo start saving your pennies now for this lot!



So Monse is one of my favourite womenswear labels. I’ve often thought of buying a piece to see what it looks like on, but didn’t want to be disappointed. Here’s the thing though, this isn’t actually menswear proper. Whereas Gurung has cut clothes to fit the male body, Monse designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia have made some pieces slightly more oversized and are labelling them unisex.

By the way, Laura and Fernando also are at the design helm of Oscar de la Renta too. No biggie!

Their deconstructed amazingness translates so well to the men too: asymmetric cuts, chain prints, paperbag waists… it’s all SOOO amazing!



So again, I really think this is just womenswear borrowed for the men, I can’t see many people wearing any of these pieces – well, maybe the trousers – BUT I would so love it if Christian was to design for men.

After wining Project Runway a million years ago, he has gone on top HUGE things, dressing almost every female celebrity there is. His resort collections are fabulously fun, and I think there is definitely room for a couple of men’s pieces in there somewhere!

I know I know, the below are totally not relatable or commercial, but Christian loves making a statement, and I just want to wear everything he designs (not the below, obviously). Here’s hoping for more!

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