OK it’s not just the styling of the most recent Max Mara show, it’s the clothes too. Mainly the clothes. But the styling was clever.

Just when we’ve all had about enough of the utilitarian trend – there are only so many incarnations of khaki jackets and camel blazers one can take – long-standing creative director, Ian Griffiths, went and gave those fashion power-hungry women what they want… a new way to wear it all!

Tone on tone on tone is a thing. Officially. That look above, the camel look, is so chic it’s screaming to be in every woman’s wardrobe. And the all-yellow look worn by Kaia Gerber adds another 20 years on her 17 in the BEST way possible. She looks instantly grown up, smart, sophisticated etc etc.

And then there’s the spots. OH THE SPOTS!

Different colour spots, different size spots, different colour backgrounds for the spots. OMG it’s just a genius part of the collection. And brilliant styling once again! The look above screams chic, fun, novelty, sophisticated all at once. That’s hard to manage and portray usually. Here it all just works.

It’s giving me Leigh Bowery vibes, anyone else?

The trousers under trousers looks crazy but kinda cool, the ruffles add a romantic edge, the tailoring is just insanely cut.

I can go on… shall I?

The jackets are obviously gorgeous, for a house that is infamous for it’s outerwear, the one-shoulder detailing is elegant and feminine… oh I just want it all!

Pictures: vogue.com and sonnyphotos.com

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