My rose obsession hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, it’s overtaking my love for all-things oud. Or you could just give me anything that combines the two – rose & oud – and I’d be very happy! (The Jo Malone fragrance is a favourite of mine.)

It’s funny, every time I wear a rose-based fragrance people are intrigued as to what it is. I think it’s the fact that really, men’s fragrances are usually just woody, leathery or tabacco-y, not super florally. They’re not used to a man wearing what some label an ‘old woman smell’.

But you know what they say… someone’s old woman smell is another’s perfect fragrance.

No one says this. But I just did!

I tend not to wear men’s fragrances. I just don’t like those ‘notes’. I much prefer the complexities of an amazing Maison Francis Kurkdjian, or the gorgeous Le Labo Rose!

But it’s not just fragrance. Oh no. My poor husband… I do feel for him sometimes. Rose candles, rose moisturizers, rose bath bombs, rose sprays. I. Own. Everything!

I do have some favourites though, and I thought I’d just share a few of them, in case you’re looking for a present for someone. You’re welcome!

I have to start with the Korres Wild Rose moisturiser, which I’ve spoken about quite a few times on here. It’s my daily must. I’ve used it now for about three years now, and LOVE it still. Plus the Wild Rose body milk makes a lovely gift, and is nice to smother on yourself every now and again!

I can’t talk about all-things rose without mentioning Lush, obvs! The Rose Jam body spray isn’t for everyone, even I use it sparingly, but it is nice for every now and again. But the Rose Jam Bubbleroon is what it’s all about! Crumble it into your bath and just take in the amazing rose absolute and rose oil woosh. The ultimate in floral bathing.

Fragrance time: OK, so I’m kinda obsessed with the Elizabeth & James Nirvana Rose. It’s dark, sexy, deep, woody and heady all at the same time. The bottle feels sensual, the cold glass and the bumps all over it, so even before you spray you’re taken in. It’s a MUST for any rose lovers. And also new to me, the Van Cleef & Arpels Rose Rouge, which is a lot more fresh than the Elizabeth & James. It’s like a airy rose, that fills the room, but with a side of wood and pepper. It’s really really nice (even my husband likes this one!).

REN probably do the best of the best rose body wash… the Moroccan Rose Otto range is simply sublime! Wash yourself in florals, then use the body milk after for added rose. The wash is really amazing, and a real shower treat! There’s lots more in the Moroccan range too: bath oils, creams, body polish etc. See all of the products here. 

Lastly, the Elemis Thousand Flower Mask, which technically does’t have any rose in it but obviously uses LOTS of flower ingredients, is one brilliant mask. Even after just one use, my skin felt so revitalized and soft. It’s a goody, people, and actually contains Nordic peat, rich in minerals, and a willow complex which is SO interesting. Read more here. And the Diptyque Rose Delight candle, which was sadly a limited edition run (luckily I got a few of them), but but but the normal Rose candle is just as gorgeous. The Rose Delight has more of a punch, but they both fill the room quite quickly, and last for aaaages!

And that’s it! Just some of my favourite rose products. Obviously I could have gone on and on, but I think I might have already bored you too much anyway, so I’ll stop. And go and spray all the rose all over me. BYE!

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