Celine Dion’s backwards white tuxedo, Cher’s Bob Mackie black glitter Oscar’s look, and now Billy Porter’s epic embellished suit and cape Golden Globes extravaganza. Red carpet moments in history. Welcome, Billy to the books!

Yeh, we all loved Gaga’s Judy Garland-inspired dress,  and yes, Glenn Close was perfection in Armani Privé, but to see Billy in something so standout, so against the norm (black suit), so… INCREDIBLE was just the biggest breath of fresh air.

GAGGED! DEAD! LIVING! ( and all the other Rupaul’s Drag Race/Paris is Burning phrases)

He is literally living his best life, and that ladies and gentlemen, is how to do the red carpet AND WIN IT!

No more of this mundane black suit nonsense, men. Let’s all be a little more Billy Porter. Because let me tell you… if I was to EVER be invited on a red carpet, THIS. IS. EXACTLY. WHAT. I. WANT. TO. WEAR.

Well, maybe a different colour. Wouldn’t want to copy Billy entirely.

Also, yesterday Billy revealed on his Instagram account that the look took SIX MONTHS to create, and he worked with the designed, Randi Rahm, every step of the way.

See him talk about it here…

What I love most about this look though is that it rivals any red carpet dress that I’ve seen in the last… well, forever. It’s not just a cape, not just a suit. The embellishment and detail is sublime. It’s couture after all! In short, we need LOTS more of this on the red carpets from the men.

I could literally go on talking about this look for days, but I won’t. I might post a few more pictures of it on my Instagram though.

Oh, and these too…

You’ll notice that without the cape, the suit is just as amazing and effective, oh, and he even looks just as chic on the back of a buggy!

LOVE. BILLY. (Also, go watch his new show, Pose, right now!)

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