I’m vegan. Did you know? Did I mention it? Did you hear it on my podcast?

I’ve had loads of debates recently about consuming no animal products – do you eat honey? (no), would you eat eggs from a chicken you keep in your garden? (no), would you catch a leather football? (errrm on what planet am I even in a situation where I would need to catch a football?) – and essentially it is A CHOICE. I CHOOSE not to eat animal products. I could quite easily drink milk or eat an egg. But I choose not. Just as those who aren’t vegan choose to eat chicken or meat. It’s not something I need be congratulated on either – ‘Oh well done, that’s amazing!’ I know the intention is good with this sentiment, but really, it’s not something I’m doing for adulation or a prize.

Anyway, I always profess not to be a preacher – you can do what the hell you like – so I’m not going to go on. BUT BUT BUT if you are thinking about going vegan, do not panic about not being able to eat anything. It’s far from the truth now.

Case in point, these sweet treats that were very kindly sent to me from Livia’s Kitchen and Real Handful. If you thought you couldn’t find something to rival an M&S millionaire shortbread or a Tracker, think again! These. Are. AMAZING.

{Disclaimer: there is more to being vegan than sweet things, obvs, but I struggled when I first made the change with snacks.}

If you haven’t had Livia’s nugglets (ooo that sounds rude, doesn’t it??), you haven’t lived. I remember when I first had the raw choc brownies… it was an EXPLOSION in my mouth. I couldn’t get enough. And when I realised my local Tesco stocked the raw coockie dough I went a bit crazy and bought an entire box. Luckily I can pace myself.

The Biccy Boms are also amazing, and the Dunx, the newest addition to the family, are great too, giving you the cookie crunch you need – the peanut butter and jelly is the best if you ask me. See more here.

Real Handful has made eating nuts and seeds much MUCH more interesting. With their grab bags, you’ll get all the flavour you need. The Espress So & So is my fave, but to be honest they are all so so delish! The Mint Choc Chipper, Blood Orange Burst and Strawberry Stomp are so. friggin’. moorish.

Also, can we talk about the protein bars? They are so good! And I’ve tried LOTS of different types or balls and bars. In a 40g bar, expect 6g of protein, which is relatively high. But what you do get too is loads of flavour, something some of the others on the market are lacking.

I’M A FAN! Find out more here. 

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