Ohhhh jeez! It has taken me this long – a couple of days – to fully get over the Met Gala 2019 red carpet. CAMP. I mean, really. CAMP!!!! This has to go down as my favourite ever Met Gala theme. You can keep your Heavenly Bodies and Punk. Camp is the ONLY theme to remember from now on.

From seeing all the press coverage, all the tweets, the Instagram Stories, the pages and pages of blog posts, it’s very easy to forget that everyone’s idea of camp is different. And it should be! Fashion should always be subjective, and so should camp. One person’s feather boa is another person’s plain black dress.

The one thing I know for sure, is that MY version of camp is full on, fully sequinned, fully stoned, fully feathered, fully coloured… you get the picture! There was LOTS of that. Here are some of the designers of the night…



OK. I’m going to try and say this and still stay calm.


Yep. Joan Collins. She could have come in a Juicy tracksuit and still snatched the winning trophy of the night. She IS camp. She out-camps the campest person on that red carpet just through her very existence. If Jackie was still alive, you bet your arse she’d be there too! And this dress just adds to her campery. FAVOURITE OF THE NIGHT. Oh, and also Julianne Moore was absolutely insanely amazing too! I can’t take my eyes off her in this green sequin number. CAN’T DEAL.

Oh, and obviously not forgetting Naomi Campbell, looking all fierce in pink, and Adut Akech in this frothy black gown.


What a night for Christian! Janelle Monáe was actually my favourite of the entire night I think! Her abstract face spoke to me, not literally unfortunately, BUT the eye ACTUALLY WINKED. Winked! The colours, the design, the hats. EVERYTHING worked so well. Michael Urie was the definition of camp in his gender bending look – another absolute triumph! I just love this look. Laverne Cox looked super glam in her black dress with HUGE shoulder detail, and then Ryan Murphy – director & producer – who was in a fully pearled look that took direct inspiration from a Liberace ensemble. YES CHRISTIAN, YES!



Donatella had maybe the biggest presence on the red carpet. Big in the number of celebs wearing her designs, big in sequins, big in colour and big in feathers.

Donatella’s dress was a bit too sugary sweet even for me. CAN YOU BELIEVE I JUST SAID THAT?? I didn’t love it. And let me be totally honest, J Lo’s bored me a bit too. This is just normal J Lo, no? Yes, it’s camp, but it’s nothing new for her.

Oh bitch… Dua Lipa though! She has NEVER looked better. Camp suits her! This is just everything. EVERYTHING. Big hair, big dress, just perfect. PERFECT. Did I say perfect? And can we talk about Lupita Nyong’o? OH. MY, GODDDD. As camp as Christmas! In fact, Versace should make little Christmas tree ornaments of Lupita. They’d be best sellers! She looked incredible. And not forgetting the Jenner sisters. They went for moody camp – if looks could kill! It’s obvious they take themselves very serious, but they could have loosened up a tiny bit here. I mean, you are wearing the campy dress equivalent of an entire gay float between you, so come on gals, cheer up!

Henry Golding (scroll down down) was the best dressed man in a suit (my best dressed man overall is coming up in another post – yes, it’s serious!). His camp take on tailoring was perfection! Ombre sequins! I mean, OBVIOUSLY! I love that he had fun with his suit here. And these colours look amazing on him! BRAVO!

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