Yep, there are LOADS of products that aren’t vegan.

But like with religion and, erm, fashion, it’s all about how far you want to go and what works for you. Some vegans eat honey, some don’t. Some vegans wear leather, some don’t.

Some products from brands like Radox, for example, can’t be classified as vegan because a colouring might be derived from an animal bi-product, and some still use ingredients that are tested on animals. It can be way down the chain of production, and not in the UK or another country where testing on animals is illegal, but it does still happen.

So with that in mind, it’s important to me that I’m using cruelty-free, vegan products everyday. Some you probably use too, but just don’t know they are vegan!

See, it’s not as scary as you think!

Here are some of my favourites right now…


Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops (in medium)

Thanks to my friend, Helen, I am now building up a natural glow with the help of these drops. I can’t BEAR doing fake tan, the whole preparation, buffing with a smelly mitt, streaks… oh no. Definitely not for me. But these are just so easy to use: just use a few drops in your moisturiser. THAT’S IT! DONE. They are brilliant, a game changer! Also, if you aren’t following the brand’s founder, @julesvonhep, WHO EVEN ARE YOU??

Get them here.

Ecooking Cleansing Gel

I love a cleansing gel that a) isn’t too greasy or heavy b) you can just use in the shower as your daily routine and c) and more surprisingly for me, isn’t heavily scented. This one, from Danish skincare brand Ecooking, ticks all the boxes. Also, love their strap line: Food for your skin. My skin feels so fresh and clean after using this one. Love it!

Get it here.

Glamglow Gentlebubble

OK, so I like to mix up my cleansers. The Ecooking one, above, is daily for me, but this new Gentlebubble is a couple of times a week use. What I love about this one is the… bubbles! They actually feel like they’re doing good things to your face. There’s: oat amino acids, apple extract, vitamin E and TEAOXI Green Tea Leaf. Doesn’t that all sound amazing?? What I also love with Glamglow is that they are leaders in inventing all these amazing, modern ways to use daily skincare products. Remember those incredible My Little Pony face muds? ADDICTED!

Get it here.

Original Source Raspberry & Rose Water Shower Gel

 Shower gel is often under represented… we use it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Why not shout about probably the cheapest product in your bathroom? Original Source have always stated they are cruelty free, and now they proudly use the vegan stamp on their products too. These new ‘water infusions’ are SOOOO nice. And obviously the one with rose water is my favourite. Actually, my husband said to me the other day: ‘What is that amazing smell?’ And he hates rose! Is it wrong I bought a box of these??

See more here.

ManRose by Etro

It’s very rare that you find a) a fragrance with rose in for men that doesn’t smell horrific, and b) a fragrance with rose in for men that doesn’t smell horrific that actually has ROSE in its name! I would have thought that would scare men off, but oh no! I’ve seen lots of men posting about this one. It. Is. Sublime. And you know that I’m a fussy bastard when it comes to fragrances, and rose. It has a strong manly vibe about it, but at the same time a delicate bouquet comes through on top. It really is a gorgeous scent. A new favourite, most definitely!

Get it here.

Davines Finishing Gum 

It helps to have your friend as your hairdresser (thanks Jamie!). I would NEVER have known about the world of Davines otherwise. This little Italian company spent years and years developing new products for other people, then in 1996 decided to launch its very own brand. This finishing gum is perfect for any hair type, and flexible enough to style anyway. Also, their scalp scrubs are definitely the best thing my head has ever experienced. Take from that what you will.

See more here.

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