Errrrm Cher fans… have you heard?? SHE HAS CREATED A FRAGRANCE!


I mean it was only a matter of time really, wasn’t it? In fact, I’m surprised it has taken Cher THIS long to launch her own signature smell. And WHO doesn’t want to smell like Cher? Naturally I’ve got three bottles of Cher Eau De Couture on pre-order: one to actually use, one to look at and one to hand down to my kids kids kids as a relic of history. “Remember in 2019, when that incredible, amazing, stupendous diva, Cher, launched her own fragrance?” To be honest, Cher will probably still be alive then.

It’s BETTER than Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds. Better than Kim Kardashian’s… what was it called? ‘Money’ or something like that. IT’S CHERRRR!

She released a series of Instagram posts last week, teasing something new…


And then there was this one…

The whole thing: the chair, the shoes, the outfit, the wig, even the flowers behind her… it’s all so… CHER!

Can you tell I’m excited? I know I know, it’ll probably smell like the inside of an old vanilla ice cream tub mixed with a bit of toilet air freshener – I’m not stupid! – but I’m giving Cher the benefit of the doubt with this one. I’m hoping for GREAT things!

Then she put this post out, and I lost it…

DEAD! It takes a big person, and someone who doesn’t give a sh*t to take the piss out of themselves. She has done it her whole career, and now this. I just love her! And I can’t WAIT to smell CHER EAU DE COUTURE, and to smell like CHER!

It retails at $85 and can be pre-ordered here.

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